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As Governor, he will expand family leave so that families have the flexibility they need to care for their children. And when parents do have to go to work, Gavin wants to ensure all families have access to affordable, high quality childcare. To ensure California’s children have the skills they need to succeed in kindergarten, he will provide access to universal preschool.

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  • Democratic YouTube star Kevin Paffrath and former San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer received 9.6% and 8%, respectively.
  • That was my goal in becoming the first 100 percent citizen- backed California Legislator by declining all contributions from the Third House.
  • Senator Jon Ossoff, U.S. Representative Kat Cammack, and U.S. presidential candidate Jo Jorgensen.
  • While streamlining is critical to meeting this challenge, we must also implement stronger tenant protections and expand rent control to prevent people from being displaced.
  • Cox said he was a political outsider and would shake up Sacramento to root out corruption in state government.

He will prioritize prevention and early intervention, and pursue a system of care in which the goal is to identify and intervene in brain illness at Stage 1, just as we do for cancer or heart disease. He will ensure our law enforcement officers and courts have the necessary training to provide treatment for mental illness, and will allocate important resources to combat the opioid epidemic. In addition to expanding access to care, Gavin will amplify efforts to eliminate the stigma that keeps too many people from reaching out for the care they need. A poll found that California voters thought the most important issue for Newsom and the state legislature to work on in 2020 was homelessness. In his first week of office, Newsom threatened to withhold state funding for infrastructure to communities that failed to take actions to alleviate California’s housing shortage.

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They jointly filed for divorce in January 2005, citing “difficulties due to their careers on opposite coasts”. She would also later be named senior expression la porte ouverte à toutes les fenêtres advisor to Republican President Donald Trump, whom Newsom has extensively criticized. In September 2019, Newsom vetoed SB 1, which would have preserved environmental protections at the state level that were set to roll back nationally under the Trump administration’s environmental policy. In February 2020, the Newsom administration sued federal agencies over the rollbacks to protect imperiled fish in the Sacramento–San Joaquin River Delta in 2019. KXTV released a series of reports chronicling PG&E’s liabilities after committing 91 felonies in the Santa Rosa and Paradise fires. Newsom was accused of accepting campaign donations from PG&E in order to change the CPUC’s ruling on PG&E’s safety license.

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Concern for the welfare of animals is in Gavin’s DNA. His father Bill Newsom served as president of the Mountain Lion Foundation, which spearheaded the campaign that ended sport hunting of mountain lions. He led the coalition to decriminalize cannabis, taking a bold step forward towards ending the failed war on drugs. As Governor, Gavin will continue to step up and step in to this debate.

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According to final reports filed by January 31, 2022, 20 committees were registered to support a “No” vote on the recall. According to final reports filed by January 31, 2022, nine committees were registered to support a “Yes” vote on the recall. Newsom earned a bachelor’s degree in political science from Santa Clara University in 1989. In addition to working in sales and real estate, he founded and ran PlumpJack, a wine shop that grew into a network of businesses. The following candidates ran in the special general election for Governor of California on September 14, 2021.

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We must explore options that reduce revenue volatility to create a stable economy that funds progressive priorities. I’m focused on building an upward economy that works for every Californian – one that is measured by growth and inclusion. Fighting income inequality and unequal opportunity is the defining economic challenge of our time, and California must face it head on. As Governor, Gavin will expand our statewide Earned Income Tax Credit for very low-income earners — a program that rewards work and allows families to keep more of their hard-earned money. Gavin is troubled that California is the only state allowing mile-long drift gillnets that entangle iconic ocean marine life. He opposes trophy hunting of bears, bobcats, and endangered species, the recreational and largely unregulated killing of coyotes and foxes, and the use of super-toxic rodenticides that kill non-target wildlife.

California State Assemblyman Kevin Kiley, who is running as a Republican in the recall election, encouraged voters during a debate last month to “take a chance on change.” The Recall Gavin Newsom petition that qualified for a ballot earlier this year is one of six recall efforts that have targeted Newsom since he began his term in 2019. Newsom was elected governor by a 23.8 percent margin over John Cox in 2018. Cox was that year’s Republican gubernatorial candidate and is one of the 24 Republicans on the September 14 recall ballot.